First base Experience

Passion directly at your hotel or love hotel recommended by me. Also dates at lunchtime.

350€ 1 hour

500€ 1,5 hour

600€ 2 hours

All senses Experience

Dinner / Drink (approx 1,5 hours) + intimacy at hotel. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

600€ 1 hour intimacy

800€ 2 hour intimacy

Long Dinner Date

Dinner date (up to 3-4 hours) + 

3 hours intimacy at hotel


Fly me to you

Just you and me, out of Madrid (Spain & Abroad)

I will be happy to read your proposal!

*Screening required

Web cam Experience

Too far from Madrid? Do you want to enjoy me /us before our date?Skype required. Payment trough Verse / credit card or Amazon gift voucher

50€ 10 min soft

70€ 10 Min full show

90€ 15 Min full show

100€ 20 Min full show

150€ 30 Min full show

Virtual contents

Ask me to grant you access to my photo and video catalogue , recorded by myself alone or in company of others, with no filters nor edition.


With you and your wife/ girlfriend FMF

With you and another escort FMF(*)

With you and another male MFM

450€ 1 hour

750€ 2 hour

* 2nd escort fee not included

My availability is very limited, therefore a prebooking of  25% of the total amount will be required. Verse payment or bank transfer accepted. 

  • Companion fee: 200€ / hour . Extra hour for intimacy: 250€ . 
  • Phone availability very limited, therefore, please send me an email to get in touch.
  • Rates are not negotiable. Please hand me my fee at the beginning of our date in an unsealed envelope.
  • Cost of the hotel / love hotel not included.